Teaching Pro Mike Jasnau

Returning August/September 2019

Mike Jasnau will be returning to Alaska for his 7th consecutive year (Dates to be confirmed) to provide Alaska bowlers an incredible opportunity to get on lane instruction in a 1-on-1 setting with quite possibly the most respected teaching pro in the World.  Yes, Mike is the coach to the pros.  But in between working with the most elite players in the World, he has helped thousands of bowlers of all abilities from beginners to advanced players to youth bowlers to seniors.  Each lesson is unique to the player and you Mike will dissect your game and give you the tools to improve.  Bowlers rave about how much can be learned in a single lesson.

Bowlers signing up can expect a full video analysis of your current bowling game with side by side comparisons with some of the top players every to play the game and be coached by Mike (see below).  After which, on-lane instruction will provide you the tools to continue to improve your game.  Each lesson is video recorded with voice-over for bowlers to review after the lesson concludes.  Each lesson is approximately 60 minutes long.  Each bowler receives a flash drive copy of their lesson and Jasnau will store lessons on his own computer for reference in future visits so bowlers (and Mike) can see their improvements year in and year out.

Show up early and use Center Bowl's Specto App on your phone and record a 10-shot session and provide it to Mike during your lesson.  Center Bowl will have Specto lanes available for use during lesson days for players who purchase a lesson.  Specto tracks your balls progression down the lane and provides real time data back to your phone or tablet for evaluation.  Line up for a strike shot and once you're ready, start a new 10 shot session.  Repeat the strike shot without any adjustments and try to throw 10 consecutive shots over the same marks on the lane.  Mike and you can then spend 5 minutes discussing how to interpret your results and how you can use Specto to improve your game. 

Lessons are $120 ($100 for youth bowlers.)  An $80 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your lesson time.

PBA's Ryan Ciminelli, here at lane 81, went on a tear in the PBA Tour after working with Mike for the first time during a stint helping out during the USBC National Tournament.  Ryan went on to finish 2nd in Player of the Year voting behind Jason Belmonte that season.

Bowlers who sign up for a lesson get the primo setup.  As well, Center Bowl has never charged a dime for bowlers to get their lessons.  They even provide free practice lessons to warm up before your lessons using the newly installed SPECTO lane tracking app.

Top:  Mike, a Professional Bowling Tour Champion himself, took this photo with fellow PBA Tour Champions and Wichita State Bowling Alumni.  From Left to Right:  Josh Blanchard, Chris Barnes, Francios Lavoie, Jake Peters, Lonnie Walizcek and Alaska's own Sean Rash.  You might notice the black and yellow jersey theme. 

Left:  Mike's good friend Leanne Hulsenberg.  A PWBA Hall of Famer and frequent customer of Mike's.

PWBA Champion Jodi Woessner gets her game broken down by Mike.  Nobody does video analysis in the biz like Mike.

There is no better reward to coaching than your players winning.  PBA Champion AJ Johnson sends his appreciation for all of Mike's help.

PWBA Champion Danielle McEwan works with Mike anytime she's in Reno and he's working.  She's become one of the best in the World and even announced the winner of last years free ball drawing!

Mike works with the legends of the game.  Here he is after giving a bowling lesson to PBA Hall of Famer Mike Aulby.  

Local Anchorage player Logan Williams, who bowls collegiately today in one of the top collegiate bowling programs has taken multiple lessons with Mike during his visits to Alaska over the last six years.